If you guys haven’t been following me, I’ve been writing some Titanfall Tips and Tricks guide for new Titanfall players.  This article will focus on the Titan Ogre Chassis.  Again these tips are for my style of gaming and have worked for me.  I encourage anyone reading this guide to try and implement their own style of gameplay using these tips.


Titan Setup

Ogre Chassis

  • Primary Weapon : XO-16 Chaingun with Extended Magazine
  • Tactical Ability : Electric Smoke
  • Ordinance : Salvo Rockets
  • Tier Kit 1 : Dash Quickcharger
  • Tier Kit 2 : Big Punch

The Ogre Chassis houses the highest base health out of all the Titans, making it the ideal tank for many situations.  The loadout I have is designed for a head on brawls, since this is what the Ogre excels at the most, due to it’s huge amount of health.

Primary weapon and Tactical Ability for my Titan classes will stay the same.  The XO-16 Chaingun is the most versatile gun for the Titans and can be used in any situation.  Electric Smoke helps deal with those pesky Pilots that try to “catch-a-ride” on your Titan, and can also be used for dealing huge damage and as a way to conceal yourself, so that you can run away when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Choosing the right Ordinance will come down to preference.  I like Salvo Rockets because if aimed properly, you can clear out a Titan shield with the first shot.  I suggest choosing what works best for you and your style of play.  I tend to stay away from anything that requires a lock-on, as the enemy receives a warning when they are locked-on, giving them enough time to react to any preemptive advantage that you may have had.

The Tier Kit 1 and 2 are the most important part of this custom loadout.  Dash Quickcharger provides a much needed boost for the Ogre dash gauge, since you are limited to only one dash gauge.  Big Punch adds a nice damage bonus to the already powerful Ogre melee.  With the right timing you can one shot an unshielded Stryder.

The main strategy for this set up is to close the distance between you and the enemy Titan while constantly bombarding them with your Ordinance and Primary Weapon fire, until you are close enough to smash them with your Big Punch!  Any Titan taking a direct hit from an Ogre Big Punch has only two options left, and that’s to run away or get taken out.  Once you’ve landed a Big Punch, all you have to do is fire away and keep your distance until the Titan is doomed.

Ogre Stats


I will be posting tips for Atlas next, so if you enjoyed this article please follow me for more Titanfall tips and tricks!  Share your favorite Titan setups with me also!

Titanfall: Titan Tips “Ogre”

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Titanfall: Titan Tips “Stryder”

Titanfall just recently came out for the Xbox 360, so I figure it’s about time I did part 2 of my Titanfall tips.  Part 2 will be focusing strictly on Titan gameplay tips.  I will have my suggested Titan loadouts, and strategy for going up against other Titans..

Titan Setup

Stryder Chassis

  • Primary Weapon : XO-16 Chaingun with Extended Magazine
  • Tactical Ability : Electric Smoke
  • Ordinance : Salvo Rockets
  • Tier Kit 1 : Regen Booster
  • Tier Kit 2 : Auto-Eject

This Stryder Chassis setup is my go to Titan class, since it compliments my play style the most.  As a Stryder, your punch has the most knock back, so this class focuses heavily on that.  The strategy here is to melee, melee, and melee some more.  When you see an enemy Titan, use your salvo rockets to take down their shields, then hit them with your melee, this will more than likely knock them out of melee range, when this happens use your dash to get up close and personal, and melee them again.  Most players will instinctively try to melee you too, but by the time they react, they will be out of melee range, thus causing their melee to miss.  Regen Booster provides a nice boost to your shields when you have been caught off guard, use your three dashes to get around a corner, and your shield should come back.  Regen Booster is very essential as the Stryder Chassis has the lowest base health within the Titan Chassis.  the XO-16 Chaingun is great for accurately hitting those critical spots on Titans, if your too far away to use your dash melee strategy, and Auto-Eject ensures you never get ripped out of your Titan.  Using this setup, I’ve downed Ogres in a matter of seconds on my own, and I’ve even successfully taken on and beaten 2 enemy Titans on my own.

Stryder Stats

Base Health: 5500            Melee Damage: 1125 
Jump Height: 15                Melee Knockback: 850
Step Height: 80                  Dodge Duration: .32s
Crouch Speed: 187           Dodge Interval: .2s
Stand Speed: 300              Dodge Speed: 720
Sprint Speed: 435              Dodge Stop Speed: 250
Shield Regen Rate: 10      Dodge Power Drain: 33

I will be posting tips for Atlas and Ogre separately, so if you enjoyed this article please follow me for more Titanfall tips and tricks!  Share your favorite Titan setups with me also!

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Society Vs Gamers


Growing up in a Laotian household, playing video games was tolerated, but never condoned.  My parents, along with many people today, still think playing video games, rots your mind.  As a child, when my parents would nag at me about playing video games, I never knew what to say, or how to explain to them the benefits of playing video games.  Well…Now I know how.

Yes, if all I did was sit on my couch and play video games all day, disregarding all my responsibility, there would be a problem.  But I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the majority of gamers, who have a full time job, who support themselves, or a gamer who goes to college, and after a long study session,  just wants to relax by playing video games, we should be able to do so, without being labeled as; lazy, fat, ugly, stupid, or that we don’t have a life.

I do believe that children should not be playing violent games, like Mortal Kombat or Call of Duty.  I also believe a majority of the gaming community agrees with me that parents should not let their nine year old child play games like Call of Duty.  With this being said, let me get to the heart of this article, and that’s the benefits of playing video games.

1. Creativity:  The dictionary defines creativity as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.”  Creativity is one of the driving forces of the world.  Without it, we wouldn’t have cars, planes, or Flaming Hot Cheetos.  Playing video games inspires the mind to be creative, and it not only transports gamers into a new world, it challenges the player to think creatively to solve a problem, and with the ability to play with friends, it further teaches players to cooperate in a team setting.  Portal 2 and Braid are both great examples of games that challenge players to think creatively to solve a problem.

2.  Confidence:  Completing a game for the first time is always a rewarding experience.  Beating a game like Dark Souls, that’s no easy feat, and will definitely boost anyone’s ego.  Having a big ego may not always be a good thing, but having confidence in yourself is.  And each Trophy or Achievement you unlock builds your self-esteem, even if it’s just a little bit.

3.  Coordination:  Countless research has been shown that playing video games “reduced reaction time, improved hand eye co-ordination and improves players self-esteem.”   If you’ve only played video games a few times, you may think that their is just to much going on at once, and that’s because there is.  When you play a game like Titanfall, you need to know the layout of the map and where your enemies are, all on top of keeping track of your team objectives and something as simple as controlling your characters view with your right analog and moving with your left analog.

This list could go on and I intend to add to this list once a week.  I want gaming to be something that people will accept like they accept, football or baseball.  I want a kid growing up to be able to tell his dad that he wants to be a professional gamer when he grows up, and have his dad be more than willing to help him, like he would if say his son said he wanted to be in the NBA.  Gaming is a billion dollar industry.  Esports is rapidly growing.  With over 400 million players on mutiplayer online games, I truly believe it’s time we got rid of the some of these stereotypes about gaming, and this article is simply the beginning.  Let me know what kinda benefits games have given you!

Oh, and before I forget, the stereotype that all gamers are dudes and that there are barely any girl gamers, here’s a nice little fact from ESRB  “40 percent of gamers are female.”

Here is a link to the ESRB stats on gaming : http://www.esrb.org/about/video-game-industry-statistics.jsp

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Titanfall: Pilot Tips

Titanfall Mech

If you haven’t been doing as good in Titanfall as you thought you would be, here are some tips that should help you against other pilots in Titanfall.  Keep in mind this is simply part 1 of the tips, and it will just be focusing on Pilot gameplay.  Part 2 will be focusing on Titan gameplay.

1.  Movement: If you’re not moving, then you just simply become a sitting duck!  In Titanfall, movement is everything.  As a Pilot, remember that you can double jump and chain your wall runs together to increase your speed.  The faster you’re moving, the harder it is for other pilots to hit you.

2.  Pick your battles:  Just because you can take on a Titan, as a Pilot, doesn’t mean you should.  Pick and choose your battles wisely.  Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation, is to simply take out your anti-titan weapon, fire a round and then move on to the next thing.  Only confront a Titan, when it’s fighting a teammates Titan, and never take on more than one Titan at a time, as a Pilot.

3.  Height Advantage:  Always have the height advantage.  Being on a rooftop or tower will definitely leave you exposed, but you will also have the best vision of the map.  Find out the highest point on a map, and make your way there.  Once you get a kill or two, move on to the next highest point of the map.  There will be times where you need to drop from a given spot, because you are being shot at, but for the most part try to stay above everyone as often as you can.

Titanfall Bumper Jumper Layout

4.  Bumper Jumper:  I recommend playing on the bumper jumper control scheme, because it allows for more advance maneuvers, when it comes to jumping, aiming, and shooting all at the same time.  It does take some getting use to, and may feel like a step backwards, but I assure you once you get the hang of it, your gameplay will improve.

5.  Control Shooting:  Don’t just hold down the shoot trigger, and fire away.  Sure if the enemy is close you can do that, but try to understand the best range, with each gun you use.  If an enemy is far away, shoot in burst fire.  More of your bullets will hit, resulting in a faster kill.  If you see an enemy far away, it’s best to not shoot, but instead get closer to them and at a different angle.  Shooting the enemy right away will simply give your position away, and that allows the enemy to come after you.

These are all the things I do as a Pilot.  My K/D is above 3, and I am consistently leading my team in every game.  I am not a pro at this game and I’m sure there are many people who are far better than me.  These tips may not suite your gaming style, but they have worked for me.  Feel free to share some tips with me!!

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Titanfall: Worth it?

Most of you by now, have gotten a chance to play the highly anticipated Titanfall game, developed by Respawn Entertainment, and even though the reviews for this game have all been great, many gamers have questioned if Titanfall truly warrants a $60 dollar price tag.  With so many great reviews, why would this question even come up?  In this article, I’m going to discuss why some people think this game shouldn’t cost $60 dollars, and my take on Titanfall.


The biggest complaint about Titanfall is the lack of a campaign, and even though the game does provide a multiplayer campaign mode, it can’t really be considered a campaign.  It’s more so a narrative, while playing multiplayer.  For those of you that don’t know the story behind Titanfall, it’s basically Militia forces trying to defend their planet from a very wealthy organization known as the IMC, who are trying to exploit the planet for resources.  Another concern is that Titanfall doesn’t offer enough content.  Titanfall comes with 15 maps and only 5 game modes.  There is no custom/private lobbies, and no free-for-all.  So why is a game that lacks the essential story telling aspect, that we have all come to love about games, getting great reviews?  Why would I pay $60 dollars for a game with only 5 game modes?  Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.

Titanfall is a refreshing and awesome gaming experience!  So the game lacks a campaign, but who the heck plays campaign when they buy a competitive first person shooter?  Okay, I know some people do enjoy the single player campaigns, and they really enjoy the story and lore that comes with any campaign, but lets be honest with ourselves.  The majority of gamers, buying a competitive first person shooter, aren’t really going to even touch the campaign.  While a campaign mode would’ve certainly added more value to the game, it wouldn’t add replay value.  I strongly believe that Respawn Entertainment made a smart decision when they decided to focus strictly on the multiplayer gameplay.  The “specialty” approach to Titanfall is the main reason it’s multiplayer is so fun.

The instant you start playing Titanfall, you can feel the amount of time and effort that went into creating this remarkable game.  The controls are fluid, maps are amazingly designed, allowing for seamless movement for both Pilot and Titan.  Watching your Titan plummet from the sky and crashing onto the ground, and then watching your Titan pick you up and shoving you into the cockpit, never gets old.

What Titanfall does really well is the balance between Pilots and Titans.  Running around as the Pilot never feels under-powered, even with giant mechs roaming the streets.  And while the Titans are huge beast with guns, as a Pilot you’ve got agility and a parkour kit, that allows you to double jump and wall run, on your side.

Respawn Entertainment truly put a lot of thought into this game, and most fail to see that the game doesn’t lack that much content.  For example, you can just keep re-hashing the same generic first person shooter out annually as long as you add more maps, more guns, more emblems, more, more, more, and gamers will continue to buy it, even if the game is essentially the same. Titanfall shows that a game doesn’t need more to be better.

Titanfall is a game with no fluff, aside from that so-called multiplayer campaign.  The game comes with five multiplayer modes; Attrition (Team Deathmatch), Hardpoint (Domination), Capture the Flag, Pilot Hunter, and Last Titan Standing.  These gametypes are arguably the best and most played gametypes in all first person shooter games, and though other gametypes will add more value, a majority of gamers will stick to these gametypes.  The ten primary weapons in Titanfall, may feel like very little if you’ve been playing Call of Duty, but think back to when you were playing Call of Duty multiplayer.  Do you remember constantly switching your primary gun around between matches, or were you like me, and you had one assault rifle class and one smg class, where you only used the same assault rifle and the same smg, that you felt you were the best with?  Respawn Entertainment made finding the right primary weapon easier.  By only offering a limited amount of weapons, the game becomes more balanced.  No weapon feels overpowered, and each weapon has its pro and cons for each situation you encounter.


Now, I’m not saying Titanfall can’t be improved, because it certainly can be.  Free-for-All would be a welcoming addition to the gametypes and a private/custom lobby should’ve been a must, on launch day.  The multiplayer campaign was done horribly, and you could definitely tell that it was more than likely, added on at the last minute.

Everything else aside, Titanfall is a must have for all gamers, and Respawn Entertainment has been the most supportive and customer oriented developers I’ve ever seen.  They listen to feedback from gamers about Titanfall, and they send out patches/fixes that gamers ask for.

As great as Titanfall is, there is still plenty of room for improvement, which I’m sure we will see happen.  Is this game worth $60 dollars though?  Yes!!!  There are a ton of replay value.  Titanfall has that “did you see that” factor.  Playing Titanfall with my friends has become a contest to see who can say “Xbox Record That” the most.  Titanfall is an amazing game, made by an amazing team, and I will be looking forward to Titanfall 2, and every game made by Respawn Entertainment.  What do you think about Titanfall?  What was your “did you see that” moment in Titanfall?

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Xbox One vs PS4


This is my first blog, so I would like to give you a little look at my credentials when it comes go the topic of games.  If you would like you can just skip to the next paragraph for my review.  If I were asked to describe myself in one word, it would definitely be average gamer, okay so that’s two words, but you get the point.  I’m so average, in fact that I’m the leader of a clan, in Clash of Clans, called “Average Aces.” I’ve been playing games since the Atari days, in fact I don’t remember much of my childhood except the games I’ve played!  My life experiences can pretty much be grouped accordingly: Atari days, Nintendo days, Super Nintendo days, etc. you get my point here.  I love games, and I love how games have evolved, but with the console wars burning hotter than ever, I think it’s about time an average gamer voiced his opinions on the matter, and bring back a united gaming community!  …But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a favorite console or game!

So both the next-gen consoles have been out for a couple of months now, and you’ve finally saved enough of your hard earned cash, but you’re still not sure what console you should buy. Well keep reading.

For the most part, we all know that the PlayStation 4 is slightly more powerful than the Xbox One, as far as processing power is concerned, and the PlayStation 4 comes at a lower price tag. $399.99 usd compared to Xbox $499.99 usd initial pricing. So if you simply want the more powerful console, than you can stop reading here, and the PlayStation 4 would be your console of choice. However, if you’re more interested in what each console has to offer continue reading.

Let’s start off with the Sony PlayStation 4.  As I said earlier the Playstation 4 packs a stronger punch than the Xbox One and comes at a cheaper price, and to be a member of Playstation Plus is only 49.99 usd a year. One of the best things about The PS4 is that you don’t need to be a (Plus) member to use apps like, Netflix and Hulu, versus the Xbox, where you need a Gold membership to access those services. Currently the most notable exclusive title for the PS4 is Infamous: Second Son, which is a 3rd person open world action/adventure game, we will get into my review about that later.  The console runs great and is easily set up so you can plug and play as soon as you purchase it, and the new Dual-shock is a huge improvement from its predecessor.  The Playstation 4 is a gaming beast, and it’s designed just for that.  At $399.99 usd, you will certainly be getting your money’s worth.

Let’s move on to the Microsoft Xbox One. The most notable difference in the Xbox One is the price tag, however that price tag has come down to $449.99 usd bundle price, and some places are even selling the console for $399.99, since it’s debut. Another big difference is the Xbox One comes with the new and improved Kinect, a motion sensing device, which allows the player to use hand gestures and speech to control the Xbox One.  The Kinect is awesome!, when it  works.  I’ve not had a big issue with my Kinect being responsive, but there are many reports and videos showing the Kinect doesn’t always listen.  For the most part, my Kinect will listen to me about 80 percent of the time, and given that Microsoft is constantly pushing out patches for the console, every month it seems like, I have high hopes for what the Kinect will become.  The Xbox One controller, isn’t exactly a huge improvement from its predecessor, but it really couldn’t improve much, since the Xbox 360 controller can arguably be considered the best controller ever made.  The most notable console exclusive for the Xbox One is Titanfall, which has been deemed “The Call of Duty Killer” by many gamers.  I’ll get to my thoughts on that later.  The Xbox One isn’t just a gaming console.  Microsoft aims to be the center of your living room, with its many TV features, one of which is hooking up your cable box to your Xbox One.

Now for the verdict!  Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One has it’s pros and cons.  The PlayStation 4 offers great graphics and amazing single player, story telling games.  The Xbox One offers a great mutiplayer experience, with its 300,000 servers.  So at this moment, which console should you buy?  I give my vote to the Xbox One, and here’s why.  The Titanfall Bundle is going for $449.99 usd, which is arguably cheaper than purchasing a PlayStation 4, since you would still have to buy a game for it.  Xbox One also has a better line-up when it comes to games, namely one of the most anticipated games this year, Titanfall.  Even though the PlayStation 4 packs a stronger punch, it’s not exactly as big a difference as you may think.  When you purchase the Xbox One, you’re not only buying an awesome gaming device, you’re paying for an entertainment center, and as much hate, as the Kinect gets, I’m truly looking forward to what it will become in the next couple of years.  I am a mutiplayer addict, and my biggest influence in choosing the Xbox One, are the 300,000 plus servers, and the fact that I prefer the Xbox One controller over the Playstation 4, but that doesn’t mean the PlayStation 4 is a bad console, it’s a great console!

Whether you decide on the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One is definitely your choice and you certainly can’t go wrong with either option, but if you’re still undecided on which to get, why not just get both!  What console would you guys recommend?  What’s your all time favorite console?

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